Wetu DNA

Wetu explores and disrupts - what we’ve started is stirring up the entire travel industry. Our clients are a range of international Tour Operators, Travel Agents, Marketers, Property Owners and Hotel Groups. Our technology is integral to their ability to compete and match modern traveller demands. We innovate because it’s in our blood. It’s in the desire of every member on our team to do this one thing that no one else is doing in the industry. 
We are travel tech revolutionaries.
How our stars align

We’re a young team with a precocious spirit and a giant heart. Across the board, regardless of role or job title, everyone here has a place and a voice. No contribution too small, no fresh idea discounted - when Team Wetu sparkles, it’s due to its depth of talent and how it all fits together.
Pioneering spirit

We’re the audacious guardian angels of the travel industry, ready to explore new tech territories. We want people with drive to keep this company on its growth trajectory and help us break more barriers to get travel working better. It’s a tough job but someone’s got to slay the tech dinosaurs.

Interested in working at Wetu but don’t see a position that fits you?

E-mail anna@wetu.com and tell us where you see yourself in Team Wetu

Team Wetu works

Expanding at warp speed from a staff of 7 to 73 in 9 years, we’re still fussy about who joins us. We take our responsibility to our clients seriously, from our Operations, Development, Content, Support & Sales to Marketing, including our offsite team members. Service & product development are client-driven. We measure our success by how much travel our clients inspire with their optimal use of our tools.
Culture of Wetu

We’re a diverse team that works hard and plays harder. Often work is play. Healthy banter runs rampant. Quirky character is standard. We love a good chuckle and are not opposed to pranks. We get muddy, we eat, we do our bit for the community, animals and environment. We’re not full of it, don’t like to brag, but we have a pretty cool office to work in and awesome folks to work with.
Growing in Wetu

Wetu is not a team of robots - we nurture the human capacity to adapt, grow and evolve. That’s how we rock ‘n roll. Wetu is a place to learn and share knowledge, skills and ideas. There’s flexibility of scope and involvement, plenty of room and opportunity for personal and professional development. We’re in a constant state of healthy flux and we get downright excited each time new skills are brought onboard with each new hiring. Innovation is no stale stick in the mud.
Starting with Wetu

We never forget where we began, we’re proud of what we’ve become and we’re excited for the future. Because that big picture looms large in our vision, we know the future needs a good start. A Wetu Internship is a great start. Our interns are the seeds we wish to plant in the travel trade - armed with knowledge about how travel tech works and how Wetu fits into travel, they take their new skills and understanding of B2B operations into the world, ready to contribute some more.
Head in the clouds, feet on the ground

We’ve created a cloud-based content management and distribution system that services the global travel industry. It has revolutionised the way the industry works and sells travel. It’s about changing the world of travel one software product at a time. We like sharp minds and free-thinkers, individuals who can see the big picture of our vision. We’re about creative solutions, superior support and service, and above all else, playing our role in promoting a strong, healthy travel trade. Join us if you dare, especially if you care.
"Technology is an artist. 
And the traveller is its muse."

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