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iBrochure: premium marketing & sales tool to showcase and brand your product 

COVID-19 Noticedocument share feature for your COVID-19 safety protocols

Digital Cataloguea single link to share & market multiple product iBrochures  

WetuSharedirect file share feature to update your trade partners on new product info  

Embed content: widget & Facebook App to display your content on online platforms  

Content Central: centralised brand exposure to thousands of global trade visitors  

RestaurantActivityMobile Camp

Wetu Content Solution: iBrochure


The best way to showcase your product offering

Top 5 reasons operators want you in Wetu


1. To include your products in digital itineraries like this

2. For access to your best, most up-to-date product content 

3. It makes life easier to get all the product info they need in one place 

4. It's faster to use, rebrand and distribute your content in digital format 

5. No one knows better than you how to represent your products 

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